Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A whole month of being very busy has gone by and I've missed writing to you! The final cake I created was a graduation cap. Quickly done and lotsa fun! I like rhyming.
Here it is:And here is another view...

What does this have to do with weddings? Just that it is wedding season! Weird that weddings actually have a season but this is when you cake makers/bakers/decorators out there are very busy. Before this cake, I was working on a wedding cake. Here is the picture of the finished cake:
And again...
And the final, full view...drum roll, please...

Sometimes you do all this work, get all excited about the creative process but when you see the finished results you're not happy with the work. That happens a lot with me. Does anyone go through this too? The cake looks great! Don't get me wrong. It's just that I know all the problems I had with it. For starters, it was suppose to be covered with fondant. The top tier is. I had ordered two nice big buckets (only 5 lbs. ea.) of ivory fondant. I didn't want to make my own and chance the texture not being right, so I ordered it. Well the 2nd bucket's texture was dry and wouldn't stretch. I tried to add a little of ingredients that would help but 3 hours later and behind schedule, I gave up. The end result was no one seemed to notice the 2 bottom tiers didn't have the fondant covering and ooed and ahhed at the cake. In my mind though...not how I wanted it to look.

I have found out though that even those beautiful professional cakes, even Duff's of Ace of Cakes, have something go wrong or is wrong that they have found a way of hiding. So...I won't be discouraged and neither should you be. Until next time...Happy baking AND decorating!

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