Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congratulations Anna and Jason!

Absolutely Beautiful Day!!! What a great weekend we're having! Great week, too. I hope you are enjoying the weather and all the beautiful beginnings of green (my favorite color!) on the trees and grass and all the flowers starting to bloom!

It was a long, tiring past two days for me as I made the two cakes needed for the Saturday wedding of Anna and Jason. They were married and had their reception at Tupper Manor in Beverly, Mass. What a classy and elegant place! The grounds were also beautiful and meticulously maintained with a very large European style fountain. I promised to share with you a recipe and I will. But first I'd like to share with you the cakes.

This is the Bridal cake. Nothing on top per request. They did a lot of different and unique things at their wedding and reception that were very endearing and made some people cry. (I won't mention names here but you know who you are). The cake is chocolate with a filling of Grande Marnier and cinnamon ganache mixed with a little buttercream also flavored with Grande Marnier. I did get good reviews on the taste like, "Wow this is really good!!" and "Great cake! Delicious!" I was glad for the good reviews and when I tasted it...was satisfied. Remember how I've been looking for a good texture along with a great tasting and moist cake? This one has all three. I forgot to get a picture of a slice so you could see. Oh well. Next time.

Here is a closeup of the bottom tier.

And here is the Groom's cake. He is in the Navy.

It is a vanilla cake and the waves are made of modeling chocolate. The filling is caramel with a brown sugar buttercream Tastes like Maple. MMMmmm...good!

Recipe time!


Ganache is very easy. It is simply melted chocolate and cream. Choose a really good chocolate. You can use it to glaze a cake or when it cools you can whip it for a lighter consistency or for piping. You can also add a little buttercream for a lighter form for filling a cake or for a frosting.

1 lb. of bittersweet dark chocolate

1 1/2 c. of heavy cream

Boil cream (don't let it burn) in a heavy saucepan. Take it off the burner and add the chocolate. If using a large piece of chocolate, chop into chip size pieces. Stir until melted. This is when you can add your flavoring. Choose whatever you want. Pour into a room temperature bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Refridgerate until firm. This icing will keep up to two weeks in the refridgerator. Enjoy!

For the chocolate cake recipe, come by next time!

Blessings to you!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

On a Beautiful Day

It is such a beautiful day today and I'm am smiling and happy. Unfortunately I have relegated myself to being indoors today. You see I have much to do for a wedding cake.
I want to show you my chocolate cake...

Doesn't it look good? My kids thought so...that's why it's almost gone. No...they didn't eat it without permission. I let them. You see I made three cakes yesterday. All chocolate. All FROM SCRATCH. I wanted them to get to enjoy all the cakes I've been making lately. When I started making cakes for people...I used a mix!!! How awful! Now a homemade FROM SCRATCH cake tastes a lot better. Yes it does. Take another look...

MMMMMMM!!! It is yummy! Yes I had some, too. : ( (I am getting fatter and fatter.)And look here...

Nice texture, too. No...this is not the Hershey's recipe. It's one I found year's ago. Well I was asked to make a wedding cake. JOY!
I have so many beautiful designs rolling around in my head for wedding cakes. This one will not be a traditional white. It will be the bride's favorite. CHOCOLATE! It's going to be a LOT of chocolate! Chocolate ganache infused with orange and a hint of cinnamon for the filling. I'll show you that later. If you'd like...I'll give you my recipe.
Right now though...I must get busy! So tomorrow, tomorrow. If there be a tomorrow you will have a recipe!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chocolate Cake Search

I have a good chocolate cake recipe that everyone who's tasted it loves. But I would like it to have a little more density since I am using it for cake decorating and tiered cakes. So I am trying more recipes. If I can't find this special recipe I will stay with what I have since it is yummy. I tried a new one tonight. Take a look.

Not too good is it? I baked it a little too long. (While making supper). Here's another picture after I cut off the top. I like this part because I get to taste it. I get my family to taste it, too.

It was good but not good enough. And definitely overcooked. And... : ( they did say so. Well tomorrow is another day to bake but I went to this website...

Ahhhhh...good old Hershey's!! Now why haven't I tried this before???

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mistakes already

If you've had trouble getting to this page, I apologize for the inconvenience. I also in a previous post said I would be putting up my artwork. That won't be happening. The title of this blog is "Everything Cake" so unless the artwork pertains to cake in some won't find it here.
It has been a long day and seemed like a Saturday. It was so busy at the grocery store. It took me almost 10 mins. to find a parking space! Did anyone else find today very busy? Must be spring bringing everyone out of their homes.
Speaking of spring, I am trying out a new recipe for a very light and lemon cake. I will let you know how it comes out.

A Couple of Cakes

Two cakes I've done about the time I first got started decorating. Tuscan Villa was done for an engagement party. It had different handpainted scenes of Tuscan hillsides in each doorway, was filled with cinamon and orange infused chocolate ganache with chocolate cake! Mmmm...YUM! The "bride to be" loved the flavors so much she asked for it for her wedding cake .

The pink Ruffle Cake with handmade edible pearls was a vanilla cake with a flavored buttercream. (I don't remember what flavor...oh well. :( ) I did get to taste this one and I do remember it was good. Tough getting older.

I am very new to this blog thing and not quite sure about how or even why I would use it. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so here I am.
I would at least like to share with anyone who might read this, some good information about baking or cake decorating. When I get some I will let you know. Lol.
Right at this point I can share Bakerella with you. She is a super creative soul who gives recipes and great posts on how to do things. If you have a chance, check her out. I know you will appreciate her and her blog! I will be putting up photos of things I've done as well as my artwork. Hope you'll check back to see.