Thursday, April 23, 2009

On a Beautiful Day

It is such a beautiful day today and I'm am smiling and happy. Unfortunately I have relegated myself to being indoors today. You see I have much to do for a wedding cake.
I want to show you my chocolate cake...

Doesn't it look good? My kids thought so...that's why it's almost gone. No...they didn't eat it without permission. I let them. You see I made three cakes yesterday. All chocolate. All FROM SCRATCH. I wanted them to get to enjoy all the cakes I've been making lately. When I started making cakes for people...I used a mix!!! How awful! Now a homemade FROM SCRATCH cake tastes a lot better. Yes it does. Take another look...

MMMMMMM!!! It is yummy! Yes I had some, too. : ( (I am getting fatter and fatter.)And look here...

Nice texture, too. No...this is not the Hershey's recipe. It's one I found year's ago. Well I was asked to make a wedding cake. JOY!
I have so many beautiful designs rolling around in my head for wedding cakes. This one will not be a traditional white. It will be the bride's favorite. CHOCOLATE! It's going to be a LOT of chocolate! Chocolate ganache infused with orange and a hint of cinnamon for the filling. I'll show you that later. If you'd like...I'll give you my recipe.
Right now though...I must get busy! So tomorrow, tomorrow. If there be a tomorrow you will have a recipe!


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  1. They all look so yummy, oh well ur blog makes my mouth watery. keep postin them cakes. bless yah


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