Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chocolate Cake Search

I have a good chocolate cake recipe that everyone who's tasted it loves. But I would like it to have a little more density since I am using it for cake decorating and tiered cakes. So I am trying more recipes. If I can't find this special recipe I will stay with what I have since it is yummy. I tried a new one tonight. Take a look.

Not too good is it? I baked it a little too long. (While making supper). Here's another picture after I cut off the top. I like this part because I get to taste it. I get my family to taste it, too.

It was good but not good enough. And definitely overcooked. And... : ( they did say so. Well tomorrow is another day to bake but I went to this website...

Ahhhhh...good old Hershey's!! Now why haven't I tried this before???

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